Our Association

Who are we? At its creation in 1987, our association was called “Association A15”, of code name of the only fort we were then in charge. Ever since, our field of action extended to the whole of the Cattenom forest, giving birth early 2000 to the “Fortified Site of the Cattenom Forest”. In 2007, three associations in charge of the line Maginot in the area of Cattenom merged to create the “Ligne Maginot du Secteur Fortifié du Bois de Cattenom “, association LMSFBC, in English “Maginot Line of the Fortified Sector of the Forest of Cattenom”. Since November 2016 the name is “Ligne Maginot de Cattenom et Environs”. We regroup enthusiasts of fortifications of all ages, with one significant part of foreigners (USA–BE-NL-LU…), interested in the preservation of our patrimony.

We currently manage from West to East:

  • The infantry fort of Bois Karre
  • The infantry casemates of Basse Parthe
  • The observatory of Cattenom
  • The shelter of the forest of Cattenom
  • The fort of artillery of the Kobenbusch
  • The infantry fort of Oberheide
  • The infantry casemate of the Sonnenberg
  • The fort of artillery of the Galgenberg
  • The infantry fort of Sentzich